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Occipital lobe: Quiz


Question 1:
How do you write Occipital lobe in latin?
vena thoracica interna
lobus occipitalis
venae centrales hepatis
Apostolicus Vicariatus Berenicensis

Question 2:
What artery is in the Occipital lobe?
branches of internal pudendal artery
Anterior cerebral artery
Posterior cerebral
posterior cerebral artery

Question 3: ________ projects to the occipital areas of the ventral stream (visual area V2 and visual area V4), and the occipital areas of the dorsal stream - visual area V3, visual area MT (V5), and the dorsomedial area (DM).
Visual cortexLingual gyrusCuneusFrontal eye fields

Question 4: The lobes rest on the tentorium cerebelli, a process of dura mater that separates the cerebrum from the ________.
RhombencephalonWhite matterHuman brainCerebellum

Question 5: Occipital lesions can cause visual ________.
Suicidal ideationAuditory hallucinationHypersomniaHallucination

Question 6: The retinal inputs pass through a "way station" in the ________ of the thalamus before projecting to the cortex.
Optic nerveOculomotor nucleusEdinger-Westphal nucleusLateral geniculate nucleus

Question 7: [1] The ________ is Brodmann area 17, commonly called V1 (visual one).
CuneusFrontal eye fieldsDorsomedial areaVisual cortex

Question 8: The first functional area is the ________.
Dorsomedial areaVisual cortexFrontal eye fieldsCuneus

Question 9: (See the ________ article for more information.)
ProsencephalonGrey matterHuman brainWhite matter

Question 10: It contains a low-level description of the local orientation, spatial-frequency and color properties within small ________.
Visual systemReceptive fieldPhotoreceptor cellRetina


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