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Occam's razor: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Occam's razor have?
Member for Martin
with Joe Thomas
Occam's Razor

Question 2: Anti-razors have also been created by ________ (1646–1716), Immanuel Kant (1724–1804), and Karl Menger.
Henri BergsonLudwig WittgensteinPlatoGottfried Leibniz

Question 3: The ________ can be thought of as embodying a Bayesian prior belief over the space of rival theories.
Automata theoryFinite-state machineContext-free grammarTuring machine

Question 4: Recent advances employ ________, a close cousin of likelihood, which uses Occam's Razor in the same way.
Information theoryEntropy (information theory)Rate–distortion theoryData compression

Question 5: In the philosophy of religion, Occam's razor is sometimes applied to the ________; if the concept of God does not help to explain the universe, it is argued, God is irrelevant and should be cut away (Schmitt 2005).
MonotheismDeismPantheismExistence of God

Question 6: There are various papers in scholarly journals deriving formal versions of Occam's razor from probability theory and applying it in ________, and also of various criteria for penalizing complexity in statistical inference.
George E. P. BoxRegression analysisRonald FisherStatistical inference

Question 7: In the absence of an objective criterion for simplicity and complexity, Occam’s razor itself does not support an objective ________.

Question 8: ________ lampooned the misuse of Occam's Razor in his Dialogue.
Scientific revolutionIsaac NewtonScientific methodGalileo Galilei

Question 9: The term "Ockham's razor" first appeared in 1852 in the works of ________ (1788–1856), centuries after Ockham's death.
AristotleDugald StewartImmanuel KantSir William Hamilton, 9th Baronet

Question 10: George C. Williams in his book Adaptation and Natural Selection (1966) argues that the best way to explain ________ among animals is based on low level (i.e.
Eastern philosophyConscienceAltruismVirtue


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