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Question 1: On an episode of ________, the campers build bikes and then use them to compete in an obstacle course.
6teenTotal Drama IslandTotal Drama ActionJimmy Two-Shoes

Question 2: ________, otherwise known as Ninja Warrior, is a Japanese obstacle course show aired on G4.
Kinniku BanzukeUnited StatesKunoichi (TV series)Sasuke (TV series)

Question 3: ________ featured an obstacle course as one of its many events.
Edward AsnerBattle of the Network StarsRobert ConradCircus of the Stars

Question 4: An inside course is similar to an inflatable course, but it is used in ________ lessons or holiday camps, using gym equipment or whatever is at hand.
Sex educationLegal educationBilingual educationPhysical education

Question 5: Often, specialized courses are made to focus on specific needs, such as night movement, assault, and ________ training.
BayonetM16 rifleTrench knifeUnited States

Question 6: At the Royal Military College of Canada in ________, officer cadets in first year participate in an obstacle course, which is designed by senior cadets.
London, OntarioOttawaKingston, OntarioToronto

Question 7: The ________ use obstacle courses often to determine the winner of their weekly competitions.
Hannah MontanaDisney Channel Games2008 Disney Channel GamesThe Cheetah Girls 2

Question 8: At the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, Cadets must take and pass the ________ (IOCT).
Hayes GymnasiumIndoor Obstacle Course TestFort Clinton (West Point)The Plain (West Point)

Question 9: Obstacle courses can include running, climbing, ________, crawling and balancing elements with the aim of testing endurance; sometimes a course involves mental tests.
JumpingWalkingTerrestrial locomotionAnimal locomotion

Question 10: ________ is an obstacle course for horse riding.
Hunt seatEquestrianismShow jumpingEnglish riding


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