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Question 1: Quine • Wilhelm Windelband • ________ • William of Ockham • William Whewell • more...
PseudoscienceRelationship between religion and scienceEpistemologyWilhelm Wundt

Question 2: Braithwaite • René Descartes • Robert Kilwardby • ________ • Rudolf Carnap • Stephen Toulmin • Stoics • Thomas Hobbes • Thomas Samuel Kuhn • Vienna Circle • W.V.O.

Question 3: For example, an emerging practice in the competitive field of ________ is to require the physical results of experiments, such as serums and tissue cultures, be made available to competing laboratories for independent testing.

Question 4: This has recently become an issue with digitally enhanced images published as experimental data in papers in ________.
Scientific literatureScientific journalAcademic publishingOpen access (publishing)

Question 5: Correct scientific technique emphasizes careful recording of observations, separating experimental observations from the conclusions drawn from them, and techniques such as blind or ________, to minimize observational bias.
Odds ratioCrossover studyBlind experimentRandomized controlled trial

Question 6: The idea of ________ evolved to allow recording and comparison of observations made at different times and places by different people.
Planck unitsUnited States customary unitsMeasurementMetric system

Question 7: Observation is either an activity of a living being (such as a ________), consisting of receiving knowledge of the outside world through the senses, or the recording of data using scientific instruments.
HomoHuman evolutionMindHuman

Question 8: Another bias, which has become more prevalent with the advent of '________' and the large rewards of new discoveries, is bias in favor of the researcher's favorite hypothesis; we "see what we want to see".
Ernest LawrenceLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryManhattan ProjectBig Science

Question 9: "Observe always that everything is the result of a change, and get used to thinking that there is nothing ________ loves so well as to change existing forms and to make new ones like them." Meditations.
Natural environmentGeologyEarthNature

Question 10: The ________ requires observations of nature to formulate and test hypotheses.
Relationship between religion and scienceSciencePseudoscienceScientific method


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