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Objectivity (journalism): Quiz


Question 1: Reporter • Editor • Columnist • Copy editor • Commentator • Photographer • Presenter • ________ •
MeteorologyMETARWeather forecastingPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 2: ________, credited with the creation of the World Wide Web, has stated that he is worried that the Web is being used to spread misinformation:
Tim Berners-LeeSoftware engineeringOntology (information science)Michael A. Jackson

Question 3: Parent article: ________
Media biasJournalism ethics and standardsNewspaperDefamation

Question 4: Objectivity is a significant principle of ________.
Journalism ethics and standardsDefamationNewspaperMedia bias

Question 5: Some have proposed a certification system where web-based news would be granted a .news ________.
Top-level domainGeneric top-level

Question 6: ________ • Magazines • News agencies • Broadcast • Online • Photojournalism • Alternative media
News mediaDefamationNewspaperMedia bias

Question 7: Fourth Estate • ________ • Infotainment • Media bias • Public relations • Yellow journalism
DefamationBlogState mediaFreedom of the press

Question 8: Berners-Lee refers to the false rumours of the harmful effects of the ________ which spread across the Web in the United Kingdom, which led to many children remaining unvaccinated.
Influenza vaccineMMR vaccineMMR vaccine controversyVaccine controversy

Question 9: Advocacy • Citizen • Civic • Collaborative • Community • Database • Gonzo • Investigative • Literary • ________ • Narrative • New • Opinion • Special Interest • Peace • Visual • Watchdog
Journalism ethics and standardsMedia biasMuckrakerDefamation

Question 10: The rise of objectivity in journalistic method is also rooted in the scientific ________ of the 19th century, as professional journalism of the late 19th century borrowed parts of its worldview from various scientific disciplines of the day.


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