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Question 1: quarks) leaves open the question of what is the nature of a fundamental particle and thus asks what ________ can be used to explain physical objects.
Category of beingImmanuel KantAristotleMetaphysics

Question 2: The leading theories about objecthood are ________, wherein substances (objects) are distinct from their properties, and bundle theory, wherein objects are no more than bundles of their properties.
BeingSubstance theoryAristotlePlato

Question 3: However, when concerning ________, an object may be both a physical object and an abstract object (e.g.
Value (ethics)Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFree willAristotle

Question 4: ________ therefore is an act of cognition that takes in the self, which can never be doubted, as it would have to be the self who doubts, and some doubtable notes, which philosophy calls objects, which carry with them the understood possibility of being in error.
Gottfried LeibnizConsciousnessIdeaHenri Bergson

Question 5: In the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā ________ seizes this dichotomy (objects are either just collections of properties or that they are separate from those properties) in a Tetralemma to demonstrate that both assertions fall apart under analysis.
Tibetan BuddhismVasubandhuNagarjunaAtisha

Question 6: Thus objects are things as diverse as the pyramids, ________, the number seven, a disbelief in predestination, and the fear of dogs.
Theta CentauriGamma CentauriEta CentauriAlpha Centauri

Question 7: Object is a technical term used in ________, a branch of philosophy concerning itself with the study of knowing.

Question 8: Where object in a strict sense is used to refer to independent ________, in a general sense it is any entity subjective or objective.

Question 9: Some philosophies include theories of both bodies (physical substances) and ________ (mental substances).
Gottfried LeibnizAristotleMonismMind

Question 10: If not in error they are granted the status of objectivity, or ________, and are believed to exist without reference to the subject.


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