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Question 1: The ________ can be seen as a distributed data objects framework, and therefore can be validly seen as an Object Oriented Framework [2][3].
Ontology (information science)Web Ontology LanguageSemantic WebResource Description Framework

Question 2: Functor (________): an object with a single method (in C++, this method would be the function operator, "operator()") that acts much like a function (like a C/C++ pointer to a function).
First-class functionClosure (computer science)Functional programmingFunction object

Question 3: ________: an object set up with a fixed state at creation time and which does not vary afterward.
Immutable objectFunctional programmingJava (programming language)Object-oriented programming

Question 4: In the "pure" object-oriented approach, the data fields of an object should only be accessed through the methods (________).
SubroutineAssembly languageProgramming languageC (programming language)

Question 5: In the domain of ________ an object is usually taken to mean a compilation of attributes (object elements) and behaviors (methods or subroutines) encapsulating an entity.
Programming paradigmObject-oriented programmingObject (computer science)Unified Modeling Language

Question 6: (With the later introduction of ________ the same word, "object", refers to a particular instance of a class
Unified Modeling LanguageObject-oriented programmingObject (computer science)Programming paradigm

Question 7: Examples include ________ and DCOM objects.
Representational State TransferSOAPWeb serviceService-oriented architecture

Question 8: The definition of an object as an entity that has a distinct identity, state, and behavior, and the principle of encapsulation, can be carried over to the realm of ________.
Parallel computingThread (computer science)Grid computingDistributed computing

Question 9: In ________, an object is any entity that can be manipulated by the commands of a programming language, such as a value (computer science), variable, function, or data structure.
Programming paradigmComputer scienceComputer programmingSoftware engineering

Question 10: Examples include fault-tolerant ________ objects.
GNOMECommon Object Request Broker ArchitectureJava (programming language)Component Object Model


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