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Obdurodon: Quiz


Question 1: The holotype is an inferior left molar and is kept in the South Australia's Museum, ________.
Darwin, Northern TerritoryAdelaideSouth AustraliaMelbourne

Question 2: This species is characterized by a ________ and several scattered teeth.
BoneHead and neck anatomyHuman skullSkull

Question 3: Epoch : Lower ________ (61 million years)
PaleoceneGeologic time scaleOligoceneCretaceous

Question 4: It is known only from two lower and one upper ________ teeth.

Question 5: Obdurodon is an extinct monotreme ________ containing three species.
Biological classificationGenusLifeClass (biology)

Question 6: The holotype is kept at the Queensland Museum in ________.
BrisbaneSydneyMelbournePerth, Western Australia


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