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Oakton High School: Quiz


Question 1:
What state is Oakton High School associated with?

Question 2: Its Publications Department produces a ________, The Outlook, a yearbook called Paragon, and a literary magazine, Opus.
Media biasDefamationNewspaperNews media

Question 3:
What is the street address of Oakton High School?
2900 Martin Luther King Jr Drive
2900 Margaret Booker Drive
2900 State Route 176
2900 Sutton Road

Question 4:
When was Oakton High School founded?
1967, reformed 2007

Question 5: Elective courses include philosophy, various engineering courses, journalism, video production, ________, multivariable calculus with linear algebra and six foreign languages.
Balance sheetProto-ElamiteAccountancySarbanes–Oxley Act

Question 6:
How many staff does Oakton High School have?
No information available
approximately 220

Question 7:
What are the colours of the Oakton High School?
Teal and gray u2588u2588
Royal and silver u2588u2588
Burgundy and gold u2588u2588
Blue and gold u2588u2588

Question 8:
What is the enrolment of Oakton High School?
approximately 1,475

Question 9: Michaele (Holt) Salahi, noted party crasher at ________ dinner hosted by President Obama.
Washington, D.C.President's ParkWhite HouseUnited States Capitol

Question 10:

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