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OS/2: Quiz


Question 1: There is a community of OS/2 users and developers, along with loyal company customers, hoping that IBM will release OS/2 or a significant part of it as ________.
Open sourceFree softwareOpen-source softwareLinux

Question 2:
Which of the following languages is spoken in OS/2?

Question 3: In addition, IBM once made a deal with Commodore to license ________ technology for OS/2 2.0 and above in exchange for the REXX scripting language.
AmigaAmiga 4000Amiga 4000TAmiga 1200

Question 4: "Red Spine" was designed to support ________ applications by finding and using Windows already installed on the computer's hard drive.
Microsoft WindowsInternet ExplorerDirectXInternet Information Services

Question 5:
Who developed OS/2?
Viggo Sommer
Erling Mylius
IBM & Microsoft
BioWare Edmonton, Edge of Reality

Question 6:
What license is OS/2 distributed under?

Question 7: This is similar in functionality to a non-networked version of ________ or the Windows GDI.
XfceEnlightenment (window manager)X Window SystemBlackbox

Question 8: A large German ________ needed a way to use OS/2 on newer hardware that OS/2 did not support.
Commercial bankOffshore bankBankInvestment banking

Question 9: Once application migration is completed, IBM recommends migration to a different operating system, suggesting ________ as an alternative.
OpenSolarisGNULinuxSCO-Linux controversies

Question 10: IBM also released a version of OS/2 that ran on its ________ workstations, and promised to produce low-cost PC style machines with the PowerPC processor.
PowerPCPowerPC G4PowerPC 7xxPower Architecture

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