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Question 1: OLE for Process Control (OPC), which stands for ________ (OLE) for Process Control, is the original name for a standards specification developed in 1996 by an industrial automation industry task force.
Object Linking and EmbeddingASP.NETDirectXComponent Object Model

Question 2: UA combines the functionality of the existing OPC interfaces with new technologies such as XML and ________ to deliver higher level MES and ERP support.
SOAPRepresentational State TransferService-oriented architectureWeb service

Question 3: The ________ (UA) has been specified and is being tested and implemented through its Early Adopters program.
OPC Data AccessOPC Unified ArchitectureOLE for process controlOPC Foundation

Question 4: It can be implemented with Java, ________, or C, eliminating the need to use a Microsoft Windows based platform of earlier OPC versions.
Microsoft Jet Database EngineMicrosoft Sync FrameworkASP.NET.NET Framework

Question 5: It looks to become the standard for exchanging industrial data, replacing FactoryTalk, Archestra, some ________ applications, and OPCDA.
ModbusPCI ExpressMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceParallel ATA

Question 6: The standard specifies the communication of ________ plant data between control devices from different manufacturers.
Real-time computingComputer softwareComputer multitaskingReal-time operating system


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