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Nutrient: Quiz


Question 1: Humans can derive energy from a wide variety of fats, ________, proteins, and ethanol, and can synthesize other needed amino acids from the essential nutrients.

Question 2: Methods for nutrient intake vary, with animals and protists consuming foods that are digested by an internal digestive system, but most plants ingest nutrients directly from the soil through their roots or from the ________.
Ganymede (moon)AtmosphereExtraterrestrial atmospheresNeptune

Question 3: Oversupply of plant nutrients in the environment can cause excessive plant and ________ growth.
AlgaePhotosynthesisCell wallWild fisheries

Question 4: A nutrient is a ________ that an organism needs to live and grow or a substance used in an organism's metabolism which must be taken in from its environment.
Chemical substanceCarbonChemistryOxygen

Question 5: ________ and water are also essential for human survival, but are generally not considered "food" when consumed in isolation.

Question 6: Organic nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins (or their building blocks, ________), and vitamins.
L-DOPAAmino acidAmino acid synthesisMetabolism

Question 7: ________, as this process is called, may cause imblances in population numbers and other nutrients that can be harmful to certain species.
Surface runoffWater pollutionEutrophicationMarine pollution

Question 8: ________, lipids, proteins) compounds, although elemental diatomic molecules of nitrogen and (especially) oxygen are often used.

Question 9: Causes include ________ from sewage or runoff from farms (carrying excess agricultural fertilizer).
Urban runoffEutrophicationMarine pollutionWater pollution

Question 10: See ________ for more information on the role of nutrients in human nutrition.
Health care systemHealthy dietHuman nutritionEpidemiology


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