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Question 1: In 1933 the British persuaded Ghazi to appoint him foreign minister, a post he held until the ________ coup in 1936.
Bakr SidqiIraqKirkukMosul

Question 2: Nuri as-Sa'id was born in ________ to a lower middle class Sunni Muslim family of North Caucasian origin.

Question 3: ________, July 21, 1958.
NewsweekTime (magazine)National ReviewThe New Yorker

Question 4: Instead they moved on Baghdad, and on that day, Colonels ________ and Abdul Salam Arif seized control of the country and ordered the royal family to evacuate the palace.
Ahmed Hassan al-BakrNouri al-MalikiAbd al-Karim QasimNuri as-Said

Question 5: As the Lebanon crisis of 1958 escalated, ________ requested the help of Iraqi troops, who feigned to be en route there on July 14.
BarbadosSaint HelenaZulu KingdomJordan

Question 6: ________ - British Ambassador to Iraq
Kinahan CornwallisRashid Ali al-GaylaniAnglo-Iraqi WarIraqforce

Question 7: They obliged by convincing Nuri to take up residence in ________ as the Iraqi ambassador.

Question 8: (He tried to convince ________ to join too, but the British were opposed.) Nuri was the first prime minister of the new federation, which was soon ended with the coup that toppled the Iraqi monarchy.
KuwaitUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi ArabiaQatar

Question 9: At the royal funeral crowds chanted: “You will answer for the blood of Ghazi, Nuri.” He supported the accession of 'Abd al-Ilah as ________ for Ghazi’s successor, Faisal II, who was still a minor.
RegentConstitutional monarchyMonarchyMonarch

Question 10: Nuri fled to British-controlled ________; his protectors then sent him to Cairo, but after occupying Baghdad they brought him back, installing him as prime minister under the British occupation.
BarbadosSaint HelenaJordanZulu Kingdom

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