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Question 1: ________ (499) gave the first explicit description of the general integral solution of the linear Diophantine equation ay + bx = c, which occurs in his text Aryabhatiya.
AryabhataIndian mathematicsKaranapaddhatiBhāskara II

Question 2: Modular forms appear in other areas, such as ________ and string theory.
Algebraic topologyMathematicsCategory theoryAbstract algebra

Question 3: ________ in 628 handled more difficult Diophantine equations.
Indian mathematicsBhāskara IIAryabhataBrahmagupta

Question 4: (arithmetic geometry, ________, arithmetic of elliptic curves).
Multiplicative functionArithmetic functionEuler's totient functionMöbius function

Question 5: Bhaskara also found solutions to other indeterminate quadratic, cubic, quartic, and higher-order ________ equations.
Prime numberPolynomialField (mathematics)Algebra

Question 6: This kuttaka algorithm is considered to be one of the most significant contributions of Aryabhata in pure mathematics, which found solutions to Diophantine equations by means of ________.
Irrational numberGeneralized continued fractionEuclidean algorithmContinued fraction

Question 7: The theory extends to include cubic and ________, (Gauss, Jacobi who first proved the law of cubic reciprocity, and Kummer).
Number theoryQuartic reciprocityLegendre symbolQuadratic reciprocity

Question 8: His Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta was translated into ________ in 773 and was subsequently translated into Latin in 1126.
Ancient North ArabianModern Standard ArabicArabic languageEgyptian Arabic

Question 9: The ________ concerning a simple iteration.
Collatz conjectureUndecidable problemFunction (mathematics)Mathematics

Question 10: The properties of multiplicative functions such as the Möbius function and Euler's φ function, integer sequences, factorials, and ________ all also fall into this area.
Golden ratioFibonacci numberPell numberEuclidean algorithm

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