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Question 1: The number needed to treat (NNT) is an ________ measure used in assessing the effectiveness of a health-care intervention, typically a treatment with medication.
EpidemiologyNutritionHuman nutritionPublic health

Question 2: If a clinical endpoint is devastating enough (e.g. ________, heart attack), drugs with a high NNT may still be indicated in particular situations.
DeathBurialDeath and cultureImmortality

Question 3: If the ________ pA and pB of this endpoint under treatments A and B, respectively, are known, then the NNT is computed as 1/(pBpA).
Frequency probabilityProbabilityStatisticsRandom variable

Question 4: If the endpoint is minor, ________ may decline to reimburse drugs with a high NNT.
Dental insuranceLong term care insuranceHealth insuranceHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Question 5: The trial ran for 3.3 years, and during this period the ________ of a "primary event" (heart attack) was reduced by 36% (relative risk reduction, RRR).
Odds ratioAttributable risk percentAttributable riskRelative risk

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