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Question 1: Also in 1799, Gauss provided the first generally accepted proof of the ________, showing that every polynomial over the complex numbers has a full set of solutions in that realm.
Fundamental theorem of algebraGroup (mathematics)Fundamental theorem of Galois theoryFundamental theorem of calculus

Question 2: In the West, the traditional notion of mathematical infinity was defined by ________, who distinguished between actual infinity and potential infinity; the general consensus being that only the latter had true value.
PlatoEmpiricismAristotleBertrand Russell

Question 3: They include the quaternions H, invented by Sir ________, in which multiplication is not commutative, and the octonions, in which multiplication is not associative.
Pierre-Simon LaplaceLeonhard EulerIsaac NewtonWilliam Rowan Hamilton

Question 4: (For different methods of expressing numbers with symbols, such as the ________, see numeral systems.)
Roman numeralsRoman RepublicRoman Republican currencyLatin

Question 5: 3400 BC) and the earliest known base 10 system dates to 3100 BC in ________.

Question 6: The 18th century saw the labors of ________ and Leonhard Euler.
Abraham de MoivreIsaac TodhunterHuguenotIsaac Newton

Question 7: These first four perfect numbers were the only ones known to early ________.
EuclidGreek mathematicsArchimedesPythagoras

Question 8: Superreal and ________ extend the real numbers by adding infinitesimally small numbers and infinitely large numbers, but still form fields.
Ordinal numberSurreal numberNatural numberHyperreal number

Question 9: Finally Cantor shows that the set of all ________ is uncountably infinite but the set of all algebraic numbers is countably infinite, so there is an uncountably infinite number of transcendental numbers.
Rational numberReal numberIrrational numberComplex number

Question 10: Hyperreal and hypercomplex numbers are used in ________.
InfinitesimalNon-standard analysisNon-standard calculusMathematical analysis

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