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Numa Pompilius: Quiz


Question 1: Livy recounts how Numa, after being summoned by the Senate from Cures, requested an ________ to divine the opinion of the gods on the prospect of his kingship.
Imperial cult (ancient Rome)AugurAncient RomePontifex Maximus

Question 2: Livy, ________, Liber 1
Gregorian calendarJulian calendarAnno DominiAb urbe condita

Question 3: Wishing to show his favour, the god Jupiter caused a shield to fall from the sky on the ________, which had letters of prophecy written on it, and in which the fate of Rome as a city was tied up.
ComitiumCapitoline HillPalatine HillAventine Hill

Question 4: Titus Tatius, king of the ________ and a colleague of Romulus, married his only daughter, Tatia, to Numa.
Pontine MarshesMonte CavoLatins (Italic tribe)Sabine

Question 5: Plutarch, ________, Life of Numa Pompilius.
CiceroJulius CaesarParallel LivesDemosthenes

Question 6: Numa Pompilius (753-673 BC; king of Rome, 717-673 BC) was the second king of Rome, succeeding ________.
Ancient RomePontifex MaximusRoman KingdomRomulus and Remus

Question 7: According to ________, Numa resided at Cures immediately before being elected king [1].
Roman EmpireLivyClassical LatinAncient Rome

Question 8: In 717 BC, after the death of Romulus, Numa was elected by the ________ to be the next king.
Roman MagistratesAncient RomeRoman SenateRoman Kingdom

Question 9: ________ tells that Numa was the youngest of Pomponius' four sons, born on the day of Rome's founding (traditionally, 21 April 753 BC).
PlutarchAlexander the GreatDemosthenesPlato

Question 10: Livy refers to and discredits the story that Numa was instructed in philosophy by ________.


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