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Nudity in sport: Quiz


Question 1: Nudity in sport (playing ________ without any clothing) is uncommon but has not been totally absent from ancient or current sporting activities.
Olympic GamesSportIrelandSports club

Question 2: The top event of naturist sport in Europe (and perhaps worldwide) is the famous International Naturist Sports Week in Hungarian naturist camping and recreational center of Sziksósfürdő near ________.
SzegedCsongrád CountyHungaryHódmezővásárhely

Question 3: In the Nordic countries, with their ________ culture, nude swimming in rivers or lakes was a very popular tradition.
SaunaChristian naturismMassageBathing

Question 4: The custom of exercising ________ was closely associated with pedagogic pederasty and with the practice of anointing the body with olive oil to accentuate its beauty and erotic appeal.
Christian naturismPublic nudityNaturismNudity

Question 5: Many own or lease facilities that allow other sports to be played, including volleyball, tennis, ________, bowling and the like.
European Badminton ChampionshipsBadmintonBadminton EuropeBadminton World Federation

Question 6: However, social nudism was outlawed for a time, and later rigidly controlled by Nazi ideologues in the 1930s and '40s ( - see "History" in the article on ________).
NudityChristian naturismPublic nudityNaturism

Question 7: In 2007, this annual contest will take place for the 35th time in the camping ground Kažela close to Medulin/________ (June, 7th to June, 10th 2007).

Question 8: Although already in the book The ________ of Running from 1974 it was recommended to run barefoot and "as undressed as possible" to get "well bathed by sun and air"[3] nude running has never gained wide acceptance.
BuddhismPure Land BuddhismGuan YinZen

Question 9: This view could be ascribed to ________ applied anachronistically to ancient times.
EnglandVictorian eraVictorian moralityBritish Empire

Question 10: In fact, the Greeks credited several mythological figures with athletic accomplishments, and even male gods (especially ________ and Herakles, patrons of sport) were commonly depicted as athletes.
ApolloArtemisGreek mythologyHermes

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