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Nucleon: Quiz


Question 1: CPT-symmetry puts strong constraints on the relative properties of particles and ________ and, therefore, is open to stringent tests.
ElectronAntiprotonQuantum field theoryAntiparticle

Question 2: The proton is the lightest ________ and its stability is a measure of baryon number conservation.
BaryonQuarkMesonStandard Model

Question 3: The lifetime of a ________ outside the nucleus is 885.7±0.8 s (about 15 minutes).

Question 4: In ________ flavour, they are part of the ground state octet (8) of spin 12 baryons, known as the Eightfold way.
Orthogonal groupLorentz groupGeneral linear groupSpecial unitary group

Question 5: With the pion isospin vector field oriented in the shape of a ________, the model is readily solvable, and is thus sometimes called the hedgehog model.
Four-toed HedgehogEuropean HedgehogHedgehogErinaceidae

Question 6: In those days their interactions (now called ________) defined strong interactions.
NeutronPionNuclear forceGluon

Question 7: For specific decay modes, into leptons or ________ and a meson, the bound state is predicted to be longer lived than 1032 years.
NeutrinoStandard ModelElectronLepton

Question 8: As of 2006, this remarkable trade-off between topology and the spectrum of an operator does not have any grounding or explanation in the mathematical theory of ________ and their relationship to geometry.
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceVector spaceHilbert spaceMatrix (mathematics)

Question 9: A limit on ________ non-conservation comes from the observed lack of the decay
Magnetic fieldElectric chargeElectromagnetismElectric current

Question 10: Using free neutrons from ________, as well as neutrons bound inside nuclei, the mean time for these transitions is found to be greater than 1.3×108 s.
PlutoniumNuclear powerUraniumNuclear reactor technology

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