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Question 1: On 17 September 1956, Peres and Bergmann reached a tentative agreement in ________ for the CEA to sell Israel a small research reactor.
VersaillesParisÉvry, EssonneMarseille

Question 2: ________ agents triggered explosions in April 1979 at a French production plant near Toulouse, damaging the two reactor cores destined for the Iraqi reactors.
Military Intelligence Directorate (Israel)Israeli Intelligence CommunityMossadCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 3: If ________ is being produced in substantial quantities, then Israel's nuclear arsenal could be much larger than estimated solely from plutonium production.
Nuclear reactor technologyNuclear powerNuclear fuel cycleEnriched uranium

Question 4: 1973 (________)- 13 bombs;[65] 20 nuclear missiles plus developed a suitcase bomb[66]
Six-Day War1948 Arab–Israeli WarSuez CrisisYom Kippur War

Question 5: [90] During 2008 the Jericho III ________ became operational, giving Israel extremely long range nuclear strike abilities.
Intercontinental ballistic missileBallistic missileAir-to-air missileAnti-ballistic missile

Question 6: British Foreign Minister ________ claimed this was a sale to Norway.
Tony BlairKim HowellsGordon BrownUnited Kingdom

Question 7: History of a hot potato by Yehiam Weitz, ________, January 14, 2005
The Jerusalem PostYedioth AhronothB'ShevaHaaretz

Question 8: Although there had been much speculation prior to Vanunu's revelations that the Dimona site was creating nuclear weapons, Vanunu's information indicated that Israel had also built ________.
Nuclear weapons testingNuclear weapon designPlutoniumNuclear arms race

Question 9: [100] The Jericho III ________, became operational in January 2008 [101][102] and some reports speculate that the missile may be able to carry MIRVed warheads.
Air-to-air missileBallistic missileAnti-ballistic missileIntercontinental ballistic missile

Question 10: [2][49] The only suspected nuclear test conducted by Israel has become known as the ________.
South AfricaNuclear weapons testingNuclear weapons and IsraelVela Incident

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