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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  The 1962 Sedan nuclear test formed a crater 100 m (330 ft) deep with a diameter of about 390 m (1,300 ft), as a means of investigating the possibilities of using peaceful nuclear explosions for large-scale earth moving.
  The first nuclear weapons were gravity bombs, such as this "Fat Man" weapon dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. They were very large and could only be delivered by heavy bomber aircraft
  A Trident II SLBM launched from a Royal Navy Vanguard class ballistic missile submarine.
  The two basic fission weapon designs

Question 2: The first was detonated on the morning of 6 August 1945, when the United States dropped a uranium gun-type device code-named "Little Boy" on the Japanese city of ________.
TokyoHiroshimaKure, HiroshimaFukuyama, Hiroshima

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  The two basic fission weapon designs
  The two basic fission weapon designs
  A Trident II SLBM launched from a Royal Navy Vanguard class ballistic missile submarine.

Question 4: Because of the immense military power they can confer, the political control of nuclear weapons has been a key issue for as long as they have existed; in most countries the use of nuclear force can only be authorized by the head of government or ________.
MonarchMonarchyHead of stateUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Nuclear weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction, and their use and control has been a major focus of ________ policy since their debut.
International relationsPolitical philosophyFederalismIdeology

Question 6: Many nations have been declared ________, areas where nuclear weapons production and deployment are prohibited, through the use of treaties.
Saint HelenaMadagascarNuclear-weapon-free zoneTurks and Caicos Islands

Question 7: Synthetic elements, such as ________ and fermium, created by neutron bombardment of uranium and plutonium during thermonuclear explosions, were discovered in the aftermath of the first thermonuclear bomb test.

Question 8: Everything you wanted to know about nuclear technology – Provided by ________.
American ScientistNew ScientistNational Geographic (magazine)BBC Focus

Question 9: Political scientist ________ is the most prominent advocate of this argument.
Kenneth WaltzInternational relationsHans MorgenthauInternational relations theory

Question 10: One of the stated casus belli for the initiation of the 2003 ________ was an accusation by the United States that Iraq was actively pursuing nuclear arms (though this was soon discovered not to be the case as the program had been discontinued).
Iraq WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyUnited States Marine Corps


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