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Nuclear transmutation: Quiz


Question 1: For instance, plutonium can be reprocessed into ________ and transmuted in standard reactors.
MOX fuelNuclear fuel cycleNuclear reactor technologyNuclear reprocessing

Question 2: Natural transmutation occurs when ________ elements spontaneously decay over a long period of time and transform into other more stable elements.
Nuclear fissionNuclear fusionRadioactive decayGamma ray

Question 3: When irradiated with fast neutrons in a nuclear reactor, these isotopes can be made to undergo nuclear fission, destroying the original actinide isotope and producing a spectrum of radioactive and nonradioactive ________.
Radioactive wasteLong-lived fission productNuclear fission productIntegral Fast Reactor

Question 4: Nuclear transmutation is considered as a possible mechanism for reducing the volume and hazard of ________.
Radioactive wasteIntegral Fast ReactorNuclear fission productLong-lived fission product

Question 5: For instance ________ has a relatively short biological halflife (1 to 4 months) while strontium and radium both have very long biological half-lives.

Question 6: It was first consciously applied to modern physics by Frederick Soddy when he, along with ________, discovered that radioactive thorium was converting itself into radium in 1901.
John Strutt, 3rd Baron RayleighMarie CurieJ. J. ThomsonErnest Rutherford

Question 7: [4] It would be easier to convert gold into lead via neutron capture and ________ by leaving gold in a nuclear reactor for a long period of time.
Alpha decayBeta decayNuclear fissionNuclear fusion

Question 8: It is important to understand that the threat posed by a radioisotope is influenced by many factors including the ________ and biological properties of the element.
CarbonChemical substanceOxygenChemistry

Question 9: The heavier elements could be transmuted in ________, but probably more effectively in a subcritical reactor[1] which is sometimes known as an energy amplifier and which was devised by Carlo Rubbia.
Nuclear reactor technologyNuclear powerFast-neutron reactorFast breeder reactor

Question 10: Nuclear transmutation is the conversion of one ________ or isotope into another, which occurs through nuclear reactions.
HeliumCarbonChemical elementHydrogen


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