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Question 1: Internationally the ________ "works for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology."
Universal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationInternational Atomic Energy AgencyDenmark

Question 2: Federal Atomic Energy Agency in ________
RussiaMoscowUnited StatesRussian culture

Question 3: However, to ________ a plant takes less than 5 seconds while unimpeded restart takes hours, severely hampering a terrorist force in a goal to release radioactivity.
Nuclear powerNuclear reactor technologyScramLight water reactor

Question 4: Even when properly contained, fission by-products which are no longer useful generate ________, which must be properly disposed of.
Nuclear fission productRadioactive wasteIntegral Fast ReactorLong-lived fission product

Question 5: Nuclear safety covers the actions taken to prevent ________ or to limit their consequences.
Ionizing radiationNuclear fissionRadiation poisoningNuclear and radiation accidents

Question 6: Some of the products are legacy ones (such as watch faces), others, like ________, are still being produced.
Fire alarm notification applianceFire extinguisherPassive fire protectionSmoke detector

Question 7:
  • ________ (U.S.A)
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region IINuclear Regulatory Commission Region IIINuclear Regulatory CommissionNuclear Regulatory Commission Region I

Question 8: The ________ (EPR) has a maximum core damage frequency of 4 x 10-7 per plant per year.
European Pressurized ReactorArevaBarack ObamaFrance

Question 9: The ________ has a maximum core damage frequency of 5.09 x 10-7 per plant per year.
Turkey Point Nuclear Generating StationShearon Harris Nuclear Power PlantAP1000Vogtle Electric Generating Plant

Question 10: Many nations utilizing ________ have special institutions overseeing and regulating nuclear safety.
UraniumNuclear powerNuclear reactor technologyNuclear power debate


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