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Question 1: This is unnecessary in conventional NMR investigations of molecules, since rapid molecular tumbling averages out the ________ (CSA).
Magnetic momentChemical shiftNuclear magnetic resonanceNMR spectroscopy

Question 2: Nuclear magnetic resonance was first described and measured in molecular beams by ________ in 1938.
Enrico FermiIsidor Isaac RabiEdward Mills PurcellCharles Hard Townes

Question 3: The energy radiated back out is at a specific ________ frequency which depends on the strength of the magnetic field and other factors.
ResonatorQ factorMechanical resonanceResonance

Question 4: Quartz tubes must be used as ________ glass interferes with measurement.
MACORZerodurBorosilicate glassCorningWare

Question 5: Richard R. Ernst was one of the pioneers of pulse (FT) NMR and won a ________ in 1991 for his work on FT NMR and his development of multi-dimensional NMR (see below).
Frederick SangerRudolph A. MarcusElias James CoreyNobel Prize in Chemistry

Question 6: Also, nuclear magnetic resonance is one of the techniques that has been used to design quantum automata, and also build elementary ________.
Quantum computerQubitQuantum algorithmBQP

Question 7: Moreover, there is a much smaller number of molecules and materials with unpaired electron spins that exhibit ESR (or ________ (EPR)) absorption than those that have NMR absorption spectra.
Mössbauer spectroscopySpectroscopyNMR spectroscopyElectron paramagnetic resonance

Question 8: As the NMR signal is intrinsically weak, the observed spectra suffer from a poor ________.
Noise (electronics)Signal-to-noise ratioPeak signal-to-noise ratioJohnson–Nyquist noise

Question 9: This allows the observation of specific quantum mechanical magnetic properties of an ________ nucleus.

Question 10: The ________ of a magnetic moment μ when in a magnetic field B0 is given by:

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