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Question 1: In heavier stars, the ________ is more important.
CNO cycleStellar nucleosynthesisS-processAlpha process

Question 2: One force capable of confining the fuel well enough to satisfy the ________ is gravity.
Lawson criterionFusion powerNuclear fusionFusion energy gain factor

Question 3: [10] At these energy levels, two deuterium nuclei can fuse together to produce a helium-3 nucleus, a 2.45 MeV neutron and ________.

Question 4: In hot fusion, the fuel reaches tremendous temperature and pressure inside a ________ or nuclear weapon (or star).
Nuclear fusionFusion powerPlutoniumAneutronic fusion

Question 5: The ions undergoing fusion in many systems will essentially never occur alone but will be mixed with electrons that in aggregate neutralize the ions' bulk ________ and form a plasma.
Magnetic fieldElectric currentElectromagnetismElectric charge

Question 6: At present, break-even (self-sustaining) controlled fusion reactions have not been demonstrated in the few ________-type reactors around the world.
Fusion powerNuclear fusionTokamakITER

Question 7: Only direct conversion of mass into energy, such as that caused by the collision of matter and ________, is more energetic per unit of mass than nuclear fusion.

Question 8: Even if the more reactive fuel deuterium were used, a mass greater than that of the planet ________ would be needed.
Callisto (moon)JupiterGanymede (moon)Io (moon)

Question 9: Devices referred to as sealed-tube ________ are particularly relevant to this discussion.
Neutron moderatorNeutron generatorNeutron sourceNuclear fusion

Question 10: He demonstrated that all such systems will leak energy at a rapid rate due to ________ produced when electrons in the plasma hit other electrons or ions at a cooler temperature and suddenly decelerate.


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