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Nuclear fuel cycle: Quiz


Question 1: According to Jiří Hála's ________ the distribution coefficient Kd is the ratio of the soil's radioactivity (Bq g−1) to that of the soil water (Bq ml−1).
HomerTextbookAncient GreeceConnected Mathematics

Question 2: The Department of Energy chose ________ as the location for the repository.
Nellis Air Force BaseNevadaYucca Mountain nuclear waste repositoryYucca Mountain

Question 3: After separation the minor actinides and some long lived ________ can be converted to short-lived isotopes by either neutron or photon irradiation.
Radioactive wasteNuclear fission productIntegral Fast ReactorLong-lived fission product

Question 4: In addition a zinc activation product (65Zn) was found, this is thought to be due to the corrosion of ________ fuel cladding in cooling ponds.
Advanced gas-cooled reactorPlutoniumNuclear reprocessingMagnox

Question 5: The numbers refer to the atomic mass number for each isotope, or the number of protons and neutrons in the ________.
Atomic nucleusNuclear fusionPlutoniumUranium

Question 6: With some exceptions, nuclear fuel cycle materials are transported in solid form, the exception being ________ (UF6) which is considered a gas.
AmmoniaUranium tetrafluorideUranium hexafluorideUranyl nitrate

Question 7: Milled uranium oxide, U3O8, must be converted to ________, UF6, which is the form required by most commercial uranium enrichment facilities currently in use.
Uranyl nitrateUranium tetrafluorideAmmoniaUranium hexafluoride

Question 8: The atomic nucleus of U-235 will nearly always fission when struck by a ________, and the isotope is therefore said to be a "fissile" isotope.

Question 9: For example, there has been much work on how ________ based fuel interacts with the zirconium alloy tubing used to cover it.
Uranium dioxideGallium arsenideUranium trioxidePlutonium

Question 10: Triuranium octaoxide (U3O8) is also converted directly to ceramic grade uranium dioxide (UO2) for use in reactors not requiring enriched fuel, such as ________.
CANDU reactorNuclear reactor technologyPlutoniumNuclear power


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