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Nuclear force: Quiz


Question 1: Beyond about 1.7 ________ (fm) separation, the force drops to negligibly small values.
10 megametresMetre1 decametre100 megametres

Question 2: According to his theory, massive bosons (________) mediate the interaction between two nucleons.

Question 3: The traditional goal of nuclear physics is to understand the properties of ________ in terms of the 'bare' interaction between pairs of nucleons, or nucleon-nucleon forces (NN forces).
Atomic nucleusNuclear fusionUraniumNeutron

Question 4: The ultimate goal of nuclear physics would be to describe all ________ from the basic interactions between nucleons.
GluonPionNeutronNuclear force

Question 5: Two-nucleon systems such as the ________, the nucleus of a deuterium atom, as well as proton-proton or neutron-proton scattering are ideal for studying the NN force.
HydrogenDeuteriumHydrogen atomTritium

Question 6: To a large extent, this force can be understood in terms of the exchange of virtual light ________, such as the pions.

Question 7: The nuclear force (or nucleon-nucleon interaction or residual strong force) is the force between two or more ________.

Question 8: The nuclear force has been at the heart of nuclear physics ever since the field was born in 1932 with the discovery of the neutron by ________.
Werner HeisenbergJames ChadwickPatrick Blackett, Baron BlackettEnrico Fermi

Question 9: After the verification of the ________, strong interaction has come to mean QCD.
Strange quarkQuark modelMesonBaryon

Question 10: It is responsible for binding of protons and ________ into atomic nuclei.


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