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Nuclear fission product: Quiz


Question 1: In nuclear reactors both 137Cs and 90Sr are found in locations remote from the ________.

Question 2: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved potassium iodide as an over-the-counter ________.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugPharmaceutical drugAntidepressantPsychoactive drug

Question 3: For the longer term response, a review of the methods that can be used to decontaminate an urban environment is provided in the ________ report Behaviour and Decontamination of Artificial Radionuclides in the Urban Environment.
Iron sightReticleTelescopic sightReflex sight

Question 4: Administering potassium iodide reduces the effects of radio-iodine by 99%, and is a prudent, inexpensive supplement to ________.
Nuclear weaponNuclear weapons testingFallout shelterNuclear fallout

Question 5: It should be noted that these doses are sufficient to cause nausea and sometimes ________ in most individuals.
Abdominal painHepatic encephalopathyVomitingDiarrhea

Question 6: The ________ released a large amount of caesium isotopes, these were dispersed over a wide area.
Chernobyl disasterChernobyl disaster effectsPlutoniumUranium

Question 7: The first beta decays are rapid, and may release high energy beta particles or ________.
Gamma rayX-rayNuclear fusionNuclear fission

Question 8: The short-lived isotopes of iodine are particularly harmful because the ________ collects and concentrates iodide — radioactive as well as stable.
Adrenal glandThyroidEndocrine systemTesticle

Question 9: Small amounts of fission products are naturally formed as the result of either spontaneous fission of natural uranium, which occurs at a low rate, or as a result of neutrons from radioactive decay or reactions with ________ particles.
X-rayCosmic rayIonizing radiationNuclear fusion

Question 10: One measure which protects against the risk from radio-iodine is taking a dose of ________ before exposure to radioiodine.
Sodium thiosulfatePotassium permanganatePotassium iodideSalicylic acid


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