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Nuclear chain reaction: Quiz


Question 1: ________ operate by precisely controlling the rate at which nuclear reactions occur, and that control is maintained through the use of several redundant layers of safety measures.
Nuclear power debateNuclear powerNuclear reactor technologyUranium

Question 2: In 1956, Paul Kuroda of the ________ postulated that a natural fission reactor may have once existed.
University of ArkansasArkansas Lady RazorbacksDonald W. Reynolds Razorback StadiumTusk (mascot)

Question 3: In 1936, Szilárd attempted to create a chain reaction using ________ and indium, but was unsuccessful.

Question 4: [6] Furthermore, all power plants licensed in the United States require a negative ________ of reactivity, which completely eliminates the possibility of the accident that occurred at Chernobyl (which was due to a positive void coefficient).
UraniumNuclear reactor technologyVoid coefficientFast breeder reactor

Question 5: Also, several free neutrons, ________, and neutrinos are emitted, and a large amount of energy is released.
Nuclear fissionGamma rayNuclear fusionX-ray

Question 6: The chain reaction requires both the release of neutrons from fissile isotopes undergoing ________ and the subsequent absorption of some of these neutrons in fissile isotopes.
UraniumNuclear fissionPlutoniumNuclear fusion

Question 7: A nuclear chain reaction occurs when one ________ causes an average of one or more nuclear reactions, thus leading to a self-propagating number of these reactions.
Nuclear reactionNuclear fissionNeutronAtom

Question 8: The region of supercriticality for k > 1/(1-β) is known as prompt supercriticality (or ________), which is the region in which nuclear weapons operate.
Nuclear reactor technologyPlutoniumPrompt criticalNuclear fission

Question 9: Due to the extremely large value of the ________, c, a small decrease in mass is associated with a tremendous release of active energy (for example, the kinetic energy of the fission fragments).
SunSpeed of lightPhotonOptics

Question 10: [3] This discovery prompted the letter from ________ to President Franklin D. Roosevelt warning of the possibility that Nazi Germany might be attempting to build an atomic bomb.
Scientific methodIsaac NewtonRelationship between religion and scienceAlbert Einstein


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