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Question 1: Between Hundar and Diskit lie several kilometres of sand dunes, and (two-humped) ________ graze in the neighbouring "forests" of seabuckthorn.
Bactrian CamelWild boarElkReindeer

Question 2: ________ lies to the north of the valley.
Siachen GlacierTso moririLadakhSaltoro Kangri

Question 3: On the Shyok (pronounced Shayok) River, the main village, Diskit, is home to the dramatically positioned ________.
Mulbekh MonasteryThikse MonasteryAlchi MonasteryDiskit Monastery

Question 4: In the western or lowest altitude end of Nubra Valley, along the Shyok River, the inhabitants are Balti, speak Balti, and are ________ and Sufia Nurbakhshia Muslims.
IslamophobiaIslamic schools and branchesIslamic theologyShia Islam

Question 5: The Sasser Pass and the famous Karakoram Pass lie to the northwest of the valley and connect Nubra with ________.
XinjiangKazakhstanUzbekistanUyghur people

Question 6: Nubra Valley is about 150 km north of Leh, the capital town of Ladakh, ________.
IndiaLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement


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