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Nu metal: Quiz


Question 1: Korn's signature sound came from an attempt to emulate chords used by ________'s guitar player Trey Spruance, which they referred to as "the moveable Bungle chord".
The Real Thing (Faith No More album)Angel Dust (Faith No More album)Mr. BungleMike Patton

Question 2:
When was the Nu metal?
February 2010

Question 3: Like the bands of its antecedent, funk metal, many nu metal bands came from ________ (such as Korn, Deftones and P.O.D.).
Sacramento, CaliforniaCaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 4: Producer Ross Robinson was labelled by some as "The Godfather of nu metal" due to his producing of successful nu metal albums, such as ________'s first album.
Brian WelchJonathan DavisKornIssues (album)

Question 5: Nu metal bands also often state more conventional metal acts as an influence, such as ________.
Tony IommiCozy PowellBlack SabbathOzzy Osbourne

Question 6: The resurgence led to many traditional heavy metal bands, such as ________, gaining popularity amongst a much younger audience.
Cozy PowellOzzy OsbourneBlack SabbathTony Iommi

Question 7: The term "nu metal" was first used for a review of a mid-October ________ Coal Chamber concert in Spin magazine in the form "new metal".

Question 8: Nu metal is a genre of music that blends heavy metal elements with other styles, such as hip hop, ________ and grunge.

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