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Question 1: The majority of Marvel Comics' Super Special series featured film adaptations; ________ customarily prints adaptations as stand-alone, one-shot issues.
DC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)SuperheroSuperman

Question 2: The art in a comics adaptation can vary from original perspectives to directly copying still scenes from the film, though issues of actors' ________ may prevent exact likeness of film characters.
Common lawCivil law (legal system)Personality rightsUnited States

Question 3: A novelization is a ________ that is written based on some other media story form rather than as an original work.

Question 4: There is also a smaller market associated with novelizations of television; the television series Star Trek, for instance, was adapted by ________ into a set of short stories which were bundled to create saleable books.
James BlishBlack EasterNovellaScience fiction

Question 5: The practice was particularly popular for successful films and ________ before the advent of home video, which gave people the ability to record programs or buy commercial releases for repeated viewing.
Soap operaTelevision programLost (TV series)Reality television

Question 6: Novelizations have been published since at least the 1920s; for example, the 1928 film The Fleet's In! starring ________ was novelized by Russell Holman.
B. P. SchulbergClara BowDorothy ParkerSchizophrenia

Question 7: A similar practice is an adaptation of a film in ________ form, essentially an illustrated novelization.
Graphic novelComicsComic bookAmerican comic book

Question 8: The practice was repeated by ________ with the Trek animated series to create the Star Trek Log series.
Alan Dean FosterDirge (novel)Phylogenesis (novel)Diuturnity's Dawn


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