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Question 1: Noun phrases are prototypically used for acts of ________ as in "The blonde girl shouts" or "She kissed the man".
Absent referentReferenceEncyclopediaSemantics

Question 2: The possibility for a noun phrase to play the role of subject and predicate leads to the constructions of ________.
LogicPropositional calculusAmbiguitySyllogism

Question 3: In a phrase such as The king of Sparta's wife, the possessive ________ "-'s" is not added to the king who actually has the wife, but instead to Sparta, as the end of the whole phrase.
CliticPreposition and postpositionInflectionSwedish language

Question 4: In ________, a noun phrase (abbreviated NP) is a phrase whose head is a noun or a pronoun, optionally accompanied by a set of modifiers.
SyntaxGrammarLanguage educationGenerative grammar

Question 5: determiners: articles (the, a), ________ (this, that), numerals (two, five, etc.), possessives (my, their, etc.), and quantifiers (some, many, etc.).
Copula (linguistics)Preposition and postpositionAdverbDemonstrative

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