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Question 1: The capitalized version's meaning sometimes may be a special case of the lowercase version's meaning, or it may be ________ related to it.
Scientific phenomena named after peopleDoriansJulius CaesarEponym

Question 2: For this reason, proper nouns are usually not ________ between languages, although they may be transliterated.

Question 3: There have also been several attempts to define nouns in terms of their ________ properties.
LinguisticsSemanticsFormal semanticsPragmatics

Question 4: The common noun god denotes any deity from any religion, whereas the proper noun God references a specific monotheistic ________.

Question 5: The existence of such general nouns demonstrates that nouns refer to entities that are organized in taxonomic ________.
Organizational hierarchyHumanBiological organisationHierarchy

Question 6: Therefore, most publishers attempt to codify consistent handling of the framing using ________.
Academic publishingCitationHart's RulesStyle guide

Question 7: In English and most other languages that use the ________, proper nouns are usually capitalized.
Runic alphabetLatin alphabetArabic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 8: However, the transcription of place names and the names of monarchs, popes, and non-contemporary ________ is common and sometimes universal.
Copy (written)AuthorEditingProofreading

Question 9: [14] The ________'s AMA Manual of Style, 10th edition[11] similarly gives guidance to its users.
Massachusetts Medical SocietyAmerican Medical AssociationMichigan State Medical SocietyColorado Medical Society

Question 10: In fact, an influential ________ has it that verbs like kill or die refer to events,[2][3] one of the categories of things that nouns are supposed to refer to.
EmpiricismMathematicsScientific methodTheory

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