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Noumenon: Quiz


Question 1: It may be further contrasted with the perception and processing of a phenomenon in the ________.
MonismAristotleGottfried LeibnizMind

Question 2: For instance, the philosopher ________ used the term noumenon synonymously with the phrase thing in itself (German: Ding an sich).
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelRené DescartesDavid HumeImmanuel Kant

Question 3: "But it was just this difference between abstract knowledge and knowledge of perception, entirely overlooked by Kant, which the ancient philosophers denoted by ________ and phenomena.

Question 4: ________, who pre-dated Kant, asserted that matter, independent of an observant mind, was metaphysically impossible.
George BerkeleyRené DescartesBertrand RussellImmanuel Kant

Question 5: Schopenhauer claimed that ________ used the word incorrectly.
René DescartesDavid HumeGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant

Question 6: He argued that a thing in itself would necessarily be outside of any causal chain since it cannot interact with any other things without demonstrating other ________ than being the "ground of being".
Property lawLawPropertyIntellectual property

Question 7: The positive noumena, if they existed, would roughly correspond with ________'s Forms or Idea — immaterial entities which can only be apprehended by a special, non-sensory, faculty: "intellectual intuition".
PlatoBertrand RussellAristotleImmanuel Kant

Question 8: "Νοούμενον" is the nominative, neuter, singular, middle/passive participle of the ancient Greek word, "νοεῖν (noein)", which in turn originates from "________" (roughly, "mind").
Cosmological argumentNousDunamisAristotle

Question 9: Nietzsche's criticism of the noumenon can be found, for example, in his ________.
Human, All Too HumanFriedrich NietzscheBeyond Good and EvilThus Spoke Zarathustra

Question 10: The term is generally used in contrast with, or in relation to "phenomenon", which refers to appearances, or objects of ________.
ChemosensorSenseOlfactionSensory system


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