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Notochord: Quiz


Question 1: The notochord forms during ________ and soon after induces the formation of the neural plate (neurulation), synchronizing the development of the neural tube.
Cleavage (embryo)ArchenteronRegional specificationGastrulation

Question 2: In some chordates, it persists throughout life as the main axial support of the body, while in most vertebrates it is replaced by the ________.
Lumbar vertebraeThoracic vertebraeVertebral columnTorso

Question 3: From the mesoderm surrounding the neural tube and notochord, the skull, vertebral column, and the membranes of the ________ and medulla spinalis are developed.
Nervous systemBrainDigestionSensory system

Question 4: The notochord is a flexible, rod-shaped body found in embryos of all ________.

Question 5: Research into the notochord has played a key role in understanding the development of the ________.
NeuronCentral nervous systemWhite matterGrey matter

Question 6: It is composed of cells derived from the mesoderm and defines the primitive axis of the ________.
Prenatal developmentEmbryoEmbryogenesisFertilisation


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