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Question 1: The first draft, entitled "Decree on the Jews" (Latin: Decretum de Judaeis), was completed in November 1961, approximately fourteen months after ________ was commissioned by Pope John XXIII.
Augustin BeaEugène-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent TisserantPope Pius XIIFrancis Spellman

Question 2: ________ (1965-10-28) (in Latin).
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Pius XI

Question 3: Passed by a vote of 2,221 to 88 of the assembled bishops, this declaration was promulgated on October 28, 1965, by ________[1].
Pope John Paul IIPope Paul VIPope Pius XICatholic Church

Question 4: Nostra Aetate (Latin: In our Age) is the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions of the ________.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchSecond Vatican CouncilPope Benedict XVI

Question 5: ________ (1965-10-28).
Catholic ChurchPope Paul VIPope Pius XIPope John Paul II

Question 6: Part four speaks of the bond that ties the people of the 'New Covenant' (________) to Abraham's stock (Jews).
ChristianityJesusChristianCatholic Church

Question 7: This is in addition to the marking of the occasion at the Vatican's ________ itself and at major centers of Christian-Jewish understanding around the United States.
Pontifical Urbaniana UniversityPontifical Lateran UniversityPontifical Gregorian UniversityPope Benedict XVI

Question 8: The Declaration also decries all displays of ________ made at any time by anyone.
Racial antisemitismJewsThe HolocaustAntisemitism

Question 9: The synod urged all ________ and Muslims to forget the hostilities and differences of the past and to work together for mutual understanding and benefit.
Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IPopePope John Paul II


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