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Question 1: ________
Swedish languageInternational Phonetic AlphabetDifferences between Norwegian Bokmål and Standard DanishGerman language

Question 2: According to tradition, King ________ united Norway in 872.
Eric BloodaxeOlaf I of NorwayHarald I of NorwayCnut the Great

Question 3: Another example is the title høyesterettsjustitiarius (originally a combination of ________ and the actual title, justiciar).
Scots lawCommon lawUnited StatesSupreme court

Question 4: Similar development in grammar and phonology happened in Swedish and Danish, keeping the ________ in continental Scandinavia intact, but with greater dialectal variation.
German languageLanguage educationDialect continuumAusbausprache, Abstandsprache and Dachsprache

Question 5: Some letters may be modified by ________: é, è, ê, ó, ò, and ô.
Typographic ligatureDiacriticLatin-derived alphabetAcute accent

Question 6: The languages now spoken in Scandinavia developed from the ________, which did not differ greatly between what are now Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish areas.
Old NorseOld Norse morphologyGermanic languagesNorth Germanic languages

Question 7: These Scandinavian languages together with the ________ and Icelandic language, as well as some extinct languages, constitute the North Germanic languages (also called Scandinavian languages).
Vilamovian languageFaroese languageSwedish languageNorwegian language

Question 8: As in most Indo-European languages (English being one of a few exceptions), nouns are classified by gender, which has consequences for the declension of agreeing ________ and determiners.
AdjectivePreposition and postpositionVerbAdverb

Question 9: In fact, Viking traders spread the language across ________ and into Russia, making Old Norse one of the most widespread languages for a time.
Eastern EuropeEuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 10: Norwegian is a ________ language with two distinct pitch patterns.
Pitch accentVowel lengthTone (linguistics)Gemination


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