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Norwegian Elkhound: Quiz


Question 1: Recent ________ analysis suggests, however, that several "ancient" breeds have been "recreated in more recent times from combinations of other breeds" (Ostrander et al., 2004).

Question 2: "Canute" and others, in ________'s novel, Orlando: A Biography
Virginia WoolfTo the LighthouseMrs DallowayThe Waves

Question 3: They rank 36th in ________'s The Intelligence of Dogs, being of above average working/obedience intelligence.
American Psychological AssociationStanley CorenStanford UniversityPhiladelphia

Question 4: President ________'s "Weejie"
Gerald FordRichard NixonDwight D. EisenhowerHerbert Hoover

Question 5: At the end of the 19th century the breed came to ________, and in 1901 the The Kennel Club officially recognized it.
United KingdomScotlandEnglandWales

Question 6: The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the ancient Northern Spitz-type breed of dog and is the National Dog of ________.
NorwayGermanyPolandUnited States

Question 7: Norwegian Elkhounds are bred for hunting large game, such as wolf, ________ and moose.
CaniformiaGray WolfBearBrown Bear

Question 8: Because their coat is so thick, they ________ twice a year, producing copious amounts of fur indoors.
Miniature SchnauzerYorkshire TerrierMoultingHypoallergenic dog breed


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