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Norwegian Crusade: Quiz


Question 1: When they finally sailed into ________ (Miklagard) they saw that "over all the land there are burghs, castles, country towns, the one upon the other without interval".
ConstantinopleByzantine navyByzantine EmpireHagia Sophia

Question 2: The Norwegian crusade seems to have acted out very similar to earlier ________ raids, though the Norwegians' ultimate aims were more noble this time.
Viking AgeScandinaviaDenmarkViking

Question 3: They then went on to attack ________, and then Minorca, in both places victoriously.
MajorcaPalma, MajorcaSant Antoni de PortmanyIbiza

Question 4: He later arrived in ________ where he was greeted by king Niels who eventually gave him a ship so that he could sail all the way to Norway.

Question 5: During the travel the Norwegians encountered a great pirate ("viking") fleet of ________ which were seeking peaceful trading-ships to rob.
Ancient GreeceTriremeNaval warfareGalley

Question 6: The Norwegians seems to have avoided attacking the largest of the Balearic islands, ________, most likely as it at the time were the prosperous and well fortified center of an independent taifa kingdom.
MajorcaPalma, MajorcaIbizaMinorca

Question 7: The Norwegians were given much treasures and ________, including a splinter off the holy cross that allegedly Jesus himself had been crucified on.
Saint PeterOrthodox ChurchAltarRelic

Question 8:
The Norwegian Crusade was a crusade that lasted from 1107 to 1110, in the aftermath of the ________, by the lead of the Norwegian king Sigurd I.
CrusadesByzantine EmpireSecond CrusadeFirst Crusade

Question 9: Further they sailed to ________, a "half Christian and half heathen" city, said to be the division between Christian and Muslim Spain.

Question 10: After this they came to a castle in Muslim ________ called Sintra (Sintre - present day Sintra, Portugal).
Al-AndalusHispaniaIslamic Golden AgeIslamic contributions to Medieval Europe


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