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Question 1:
What was Norwegian Campaign a part of?
Second Air Force
the Western Front of the First World War
the Burma Campaign of World War II
the Second World War

Question 2: Gruppe 1: Ten ________ to Narvik
Tribal class destroyer (1936)V and W class destroyerDestroyerFletcher class destroyer

Question 3:
Where did Norwegian Campaign take place?

Question 4: A Norwegian Army was also re-established in ________.
ScotlandWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Knowing that a German breakthrough would both cut off supplies and leave Sickleforce surrounded, Paget diverted his force south to ________.

Question 6:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Norwegian Campaign?
British Empiren*, United Kingdomn*, Newfoundlandn France
Canada France

Question 7: Germany's ________ was completed on 10 April and lasted until 5 May 1945.
Italian Social RepublicOccupation of Norway by Nazi GermanyReichskommissariat UkraineOccupation of Denmark

Question 8: The Norwegian Campaign was a campaign that was fought in ________ during the Second World War between the Allies and Germany, after the latter's invasion of the country.
United StatesNorwayGreecePoland

Question 9: Second, the ports in Norway could serve as a hole in the blockade of Germany, allowing access to the ________.
Indian OceanArctic OceanAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

Question 10: Against Denmark, two motorized brigades would be used to capture bridges and troops; the Luftwaffe would be sent to capture ________; and paratroops would be used to capture the airfields in the north.

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