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Northwestern Crow: Quiz


Question 1: Advisory sign posted during nesting season of Northwestern Crow in ________.
Victoria, British ColumbiaView Royal, British ColumbiaSidney, British ColumbiaNorth Saanich, British Columbia

Question 2: Very similar to that of the Fish Crow; the Northwestern Crow eats stranded fish, shellfish, ________ and mussels, and also searches through refuse containers for suitable food items.
Crab fisheriesCrabSea urchinLobster

Question 3: [1 ] The American Ornithologists' Union considers it closely related to the ________ and it may be conspecific.
CorvidaeCommon RavenAmerican CrowBird

Question 4: It also regularly eats ________, other invertebrates, and various fruits (especially berries).

Question 5: It is known to soak pieces of ________ in water.
RiceMedieval cuisineBreakfastBread

Question 6: The Northwestern Crow (Corvus caurinus) is an all-black passerine bird of the crow genus native to the northwest of ________.
Americas (terminology)North AmericaSouth AmericaAmericas

Question 7: This species occurs in coastal regions and offshore islands of southern ________, south through British Columbia to Washington state.
HawaiiUnited StatesNorthwestern United StatesAlaska

Question 8: It is very similar to the more western forms of the widespread ________ (Corvus brachyrhynchos) but it is slightly smaller (33-41 cm in length) and has proportionately smaller feet with a slightly more slender bill.
Common RavenCorvidaeAmerican CrowBird


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