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Northwest Caucasian languages: Quiz


Question 1: The Abkhaz (Abxaz) language has 100,000 speakers in ________ (a de facto independent republic, but a de jure autonomous entity within Georgia), where it is the official language, and an unknown number of speakers in Turkey.
AbkhaziaGeorgia (country)South OssetiaAdjara

Question 2: A few linguists have proposed even broader relationships, of which the ________ hypothesis is perhaps the most popular.
BurushaskiDené-Caucasian languagesProto-Dené-Caucasian rootsNa-Dene languages

Question 3: Kabardian has the least number of consonants of any North-Western Caucasian language, with 48, including some rather unusual ________ fricatives and a small number of vowels.
Flap consonantLateral consonantEjective consonantStop consonant

Question 4: All Northwest Caucasian languages are left-branching, so that the verb comes at the end of the sentence and modifiers such as ________ precede a noun.
Accusative caseComplementizerGrammatical caseRelative clause

Question 5: Next to ________ or labialized consonants, /a/ is realized as [e] or [o], and /ə/ as [i] or [u].
Tone (linguistics)PalatalizationConsonant mutationEpenthesis

Question 6: There is even a small community in the ________.
CanadaPhilippinesUnited StatesAlaska

Question 7: The entire family is characterised by a paucity of ________ vowels (two or three, depending upon the analysis) coupled with rich consonantal systems that include many forms of secondary articulation.
PhonemeEnglish orthographyInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhonology

Question 8: There are three major dialects: Abzhuy and Bzyp in ________ and Sadz in Turkey.
AbkhaziaSouth OssetiaAdjaraGeorgia (country)

Question 9: ________ links the North Caucasian (including Northwest Caucasian), Basque, Burushaski, Yeniseian, Sino-Tibetan, and Na-Dene families.
Merritt RuhlenDené-Caucasian languagesProto-Dené-Caucasian rootsHaida language

Question 10: With eighty-one consonants, Ubykh has one of the largest inventories in the world, and probably the largest outside the ________.
Juǀʼhoan languageTaa languageKhoekhoe languageKhoisan languages


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