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Question 1: Northumbria or Northhumbria (Old English: Norþanhymbra / Norþhymbre) was a medieval kingdom of the ________, in what is now North East England and Southern Scotland, becoming subsequently an earldom in a united Anglo-Saxon kingdom of England.
Anglo-SaxonsSuebiGermanic peoplesAngles

Question 2:
What region does Northumbria belong to?
British Isles
During British India
Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia
Southwestern British Columbia into Northern Washington

Question 3: After the ________ in 664 Roman church practices officially replaced the Celtic ones but the influence of the Celtic style continued, the most famous examples of this being the Lindisfarne Gospels.
WilfridSynod of WhitbyBedeCeltic Christianity

Question 4:
What type of government does Northumbria have?
Constitutional Monarchy
County Board

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Northumbria?

Question 6: On the northern border, ________, which is north of the Tweed but had changed hands many times, was defined as subject to the laws of England by the Wales and Berwick Act of 1746.
King's LynnBerwick-upon-TweedYorkNewcastle upon Tyne

Question 7: A modified version (with broken vertical stripes) can be seen in the ________ and flag used by Northumberland County Council.
Royal coat of arms of the United KingdomRoyal coat of arms of ScotlandCoat of armsUnofficial emblem of Turkey

Question 8:
Where does Northumbria come from?
Great Britain

Question 9: William therefore attempted to install Robert Comine, a Norman noble, as the Earl of Northumbria, but before Comine could take up office, he and his 700 men were massacred in the city of ________.
DurhamPeterboroughNewcastle upon TyneChester

Question 10: History • Brigantia • Parisiorum • Britannia • Elmet • Ebrauc • Deira • Northumbria • Jórvík • ________
EnglandRichard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of YorkHistory of EnglandWars of the Roses


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