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Question 1: The emperor, however, together with the military head of Loyang, Husi Chun, began to plot against ________.
Gao HuanEmpress Dowager Lou ZhaojunHou JingYuwen Tai

Question 2: ________ (381-450), an advisor at the courts in Datong played a great part in this process.
Cui HaoHelian ChangJuqu MengxunNorthern Wei

Question 3: Chinese influence accelerated during the capital's move to ________ in 494 and Emperor Xiaowen continued this by establishing a policy of systematic sinicization that was continued by his successors.

Question 4: The Jin Dynasty had developed an alliance with the Tuoba against the Xiongnu state ________.
Later ZhaoFormer QinRan MinHan Zhao

Question 5: However, on their arrival, he told them they were to be punished for their misgovernment and butchered them, throwing the Empress Hu and her candidate (another puppet child emperor Yuan Zhao) into the ________.
Yellow RiverTianjinYangtze RiverShandong

Question 6: Gao Huan succeeded, however, in keeping control of Loyang, and the unfaithful ruler and a handful of followers fled west, to the region ruled by the powerful warlord ________.
Yuwen HuYuwen TaiHou JingNorthern Wei

Question 7: As the Northern Wei state grew, the emperors' desire for ________ institutions and advisors grew.
Han ChineseChinaReligion in ChinaZhonghua minzu

Question 8: General ________ was originally from the northern frontier, one of many soldiers who had surrendered to Erzhu, who eventually became one of the Erzhu clan's top lieutenants.
Gao HuanYuwen TaiEmpress Dowager Lou ZhaojunHou Jing

Question 9: Announcing that he was installing a new emperor chosen by an ancient Xianbei method of casting bronze figures, ________ summoned the officials of the city to meet their new emperor.
Erzhu TianguangGao HuanErzhu ShilongErzhu Rong

Question 10: When a ________ is named, his mother, if still alive, must be forced to commit suicide.
SpainMonarchyCrown princeUnited Kingdom


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