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Question 1:
What is the highest point in Northern Territory?

Question 2: The majority of rainfall occurs between December and March (the southern hemisphere summer), when ________ are common and afternoon relative humidity averages over 70% during the wettest months.
MeteorologySevere weatherThunderstormPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 3:
How many metres above sea level is Northern Territory?
+1,531 m

Question 4:
What is Northern Territory's nickname?
Chris, "Rat Top"
Hero of Little Round Top
Top Fuel Buhl
The Territory, The NT, The Top End

Question 5:
What are people from Northern Territory known as?
Transu00E9ennes, Transu00E9ens
Guilleroys et Guilleroises

Question 6:
What is the metropolitican population of Northern Territory?

Question 7: SBS Northern Territory (digital & analogue) (callsign: ________ - Channel 28 Analogue, Channel 29 Digital)
SBS OneNine NetworkABC1Seven Network

Question 8: The history of the Northern Territory began over 40,000 years ago when ________ settled the region.
Norfolk IslandIndigenous AustraliansMelanesiaIndigenous Australian music

Question 9:
What timezone is Northern Territory in?

Question 10:
Who of the following people was Northern Territory's viceroy?

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