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Question 1: 1Occupied jointly with the United States
2In 1931, Canada and other British dominions obtained self-government through the ________.
Act of Settlement 1701Australia Act 1986Statute of Westminster 1931Australian Constitution (Public Record Copy) Act 1990

Question 2: The Hausa Kingdoms emerged in the 13th century as vibrant trading centers competing with Kanem-Bornu and ________.
MaliNigerCôte d'IvoireBurkina Faso

Question 3: 18th century
1792–1961  Sierra Leone
1795–1803  ________
Zulu KingdomBritish EmpireCape ColonySaint Helena

Question 4: The primary exports were leather, ________, cloth, salt, kola nuts, animal hides, and henna.

Question 5: 19th century
1800–1964  Malta
1801-1921  Ireland
1807–1890  ________
1809–1864  Ionian Islands
HeligolandWedelPinnebergSchenefeld, Pinneberg

Question 6: ________ led a jihad against the Hausa States and finally united them into the Muslim Fulani Empire.
Usman dan FodioSokoto CaliphateFulani WarNigeria

Question 7: 4Now the San Andrés y Providencia Department of ________
Colombian armed conflict (1964–present)Valle del Cauca DepartmentColombiaQuindío Department

Question 8: 18th century
1708–1757  Minorca
since 1713  ________
1763–1782  Minorca
1798–1802  Minorca
GibraltarCayman IslandsTurks and Caicos IslandsSaint Helena

Question 9: In 1808 the last Hausa state was finally conquered by ________ and incorporated into the Sokoto Caliphate.
NigeriaFulani WarUsman dan FodioModibo Adama

Question 10: 17th century
1605–1979  *Saint Lucia
1623–1883  Saint Kitts (*Saint Kitts & Nevis)
1624–1966  *Barbados
1625–1650  ________
1627–1979  *St.


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