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Question 1:
Who was a commander in the Irish Civil War?
Maj. Gen. James B. Vaught
Gustav Horn
Sir James Outram
Liam Lynchu2020

Question 2:
What is the currency of Northern Ireland?

Question 3: The state of Ireland, whose legitimacy is not recognised by republicans opposed to the ________, is described as "The Free State", referring to the Irish Free State, which gained independence (as a Dominion) in 1922.
Northern IrelandSt Andrews AgreementNorthern Ireland AssemblyBelfast Agreement

Question 4: The most common sign language in Northern Ireland is ________ (BSL), but as Catholics tended to send their deaf children to schools in Dublin (St Joseph's Institute for Deaf Boys and St.
United KingdomBritish Sign LanguageAuslanNew Zealand Sign Language

Question 5:
The population density of Northern Ireland: How many people are there per square kilometre?

Question 6: Major sea ports at ________ and Belfast carry passengers and freight between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Question 7:
Which of the following is an officially recognised ethnic group in Northern Ireland?
96.87% Portuguese and 3.13% legal immigrants
99.15% White , 0.41% Asian, 0.10% Irish Traveller, 0.34% others.
98.5% Japanese, 0.5% Korean, 0.4% Chinese, 0.6% other

Question 8: For the most part, Protestants feel a strong connection with ________ and wish for Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom.
Great BritainWalesScotlandEngland

Question 9:
Which is the largest city in Northern Ireland?

Question 10: The Northern Ireland economy is the smallest of the four economies making up the ________.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomCanada

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