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Question 1: Also the ________ appears "upside down" compared to a view from the southern hemisphere and the view of the stars is much different.
MoonIo (moon)Ganymede (moon)Mercury (planet)

Question 2: The Northern Hemisphere[1] is the half of a planet that is north of the ________—the word hemisphere literally means 'half sphere'.
5th parallel north1st parallel south1st parallel northEquator

Question 3: Tropical regions (between the Tropic of Cancer and the ________) are generally hot all year round and tend to experience a rainy season during the 'summer' months, and a dry season during the 'winter' months.
1st parallel south1st parallel northEquator5th parallel north

Question 4: In the northern hemisphere, objects moving across or above the surface of the Earth tend to turn to the right because of the ________.
Gulf StreamThermohaline circulationOcean gyreCoriolis effect

Question 5: Due to the ________'s axial tilt, winter lasts from the winter solstice (typically December 22) to the vernal equinox (typically March 20) while summer lasts from the summer solstice (typically June 21) through to the autumnal equinox (typically September 21).

Question 6:
See also ________, Temperate zone, Tropics, Seasons and Climate
AntarcticaArcticDesertNorth American Arctic

Question 7: The duration of these phases varies from one day for places right on the Arctic Circle to several months near the ________ itself.
North PoleArctic OceanArctic explorationEarth

Question 8: ________'s northern hemisphere contains most of its land area and most of its human population (about 90%).

Question 9: Between the Arctic Circle and the ________ lies the Northern Temperate Zone.
20th parallel northTropic of CancerCircle of latitude25th parallel north

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