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Northern Basque Country: Quiz


Question 1: urban zone (________-Anglet-Biarritz) only a 14.2% speak or understand Basque (according to another inquiry, 20% of the B.A.B.
BayonneSaint-Jean-Pied-de-PortPau, Pyrénées-AtlantiquesHendaye

Question 2: According to an inquiry of 2006[1], 22.5% were ________ (French-Basque), 8.6% were French-speakers who understand Basque, and 68.9% were not Basque-speakers.
MultilingualismGerman languageSpanish languageEnglish language

Question 3: Its Basque name is Iparralde ("Northern side") while the part of the Basque Country located in ________ is called Hegoalde ("Southern side").

Question 4: The Northern Basque Country was for long largely undifferentiated from other areas of what is now ________.

Question 5: ________ and Biarritz (conglomeration BAB) are its most relevant towns.
Pau, Pyrénées-AtlantiquesHendayeSaint-Jean-Pied-de-PortBayonne

Question 6: After the conquest of Upper Navarre by Castile in 1512–21, the still independent north-Pyrenean part of Navarre took the lead of the Huguenot party in the ________.
Early Modern FranceHistory of FranceFrench Wars of ReligionEuropean wars of religion

Question 7: In 1020 Gascony ceded its juridsiction over Labourd, then also including ________, to Sancho the Great of Pamplona.
OssèsSaint-Jean-Pied-de-PortBayonneLower Navarre

Question 8: ________ (Nafarroa Beherea in Basque, Basse-Navarre in French), until 1789 kingdom of Navarre (linked to the kings of France).
Lower NavarreBayonneSaint-Jean-Pied-de-PortOssès

Question 9: When Caesar conquered Gaul he found all the region south and west of the Garonne inhabited by a people known as the Aquitani, who were not Celtic and are modernly regarded as Basques (see ________).
Iberian languageAquitanian languageBasque languageVascones

Question 10: In this time the Bible was first translated into the ________.
Basque languageErromintxelaSpanish languageCatalan language


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